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Sonya Cameron has always made a lot of craft, even selling handmade dolls at the local flea market when she was just 12. When she found that friends only wanted so much of things like papier mache wall sculptures, she started exploring the endless possibilities of jewellery making. Sonya attended night classes in Auckland, Wellington and overseas, then five years ago she and a friend decided to venture into selling their jewellery at markets, and so began Copper Red…

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What do you make? I make copper and sterling silver jewellery in flower and leaf designs.

Your favourite materials, tools and processes:
Copper is definitely my favourite material. I recycle old copper hot water cylinders from which I can make the most beautiful fiery reds.

What inspires you?
The seasons and nature that emerges from that … much of which from my own backyard, or neighbourhood. For example this spring I am working on new designs for blossoms, lily buds and pea pods (watch this space!). Equally I have found that my jewellery making has transformed tramps in the bush for me, as I am now always looking out for new jewellery possibilities!

Describe your workspace:
I have an old studio in my backyard which my jewellery shares with the odd weta etc, so tend to make jewellery either at my kitchen or outside table with some music and a pot of coffee.

What are you currently listening to?
I have been really enjoying listening to last.fm online in recent times … recently: Feist, Emily Jane White etc.


What are you reading now?
I have just been to the DCM bookfair, so have a whole heap of new books lined up, but was excited to find the beautifully written ’60s Environmental Manifesto Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

A favourite quote:
Does “Stop Night Class Cuts” count? I think there are so many crafters like me who have benefited from the skills and community of night classes and then turned that into enterprise … and we stand to lose it.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Not red, but green … Earlier this year one of my workmates asked me if I was deliberately not wearing green for St Pats, since I wore it every other day. I said no, it was just that I had taken my cardigan and scarf off!

Check out more of Sonya’s jewellery in her Felt shop, Copper Red, and watch out for her work at various craft markets around Wellington, including Craft2.0.

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