Taking note

Hi, my name is Jo and I’m a notebook addict. I have notebooks in every room of the house, in every coat pocket and in every bag. They contain my plots and schemes, my dreams, my shopping lists and my to-do lists. They archive my house plans and garden plans, clothing designs and random doodles. They are a patchwork image of my brain, drawn in biro.

galleryI prize a beautiful notebook, even if I find myself reluctant to sully its pristine pages. “This notebook!” I say, “This will be the notebook for my perfect plans and designs, my best thoughts.” I’m not a poet but I sometimes wish I could fill its pages with elegant words.

When I flip back through a rediscovered notebook I’m always intrigued by the randomness of its contents. Reminders to buy cheese rub shoulders with tiny sketches and daily timetables.

I sometimes think I should sort them, amalgamate and rationalise them, but they continue to proliferate in their irrational untidiness – and, really, I think I can live with that.

galleryAre you a notebook fiend? What unexpected archives of your creative and random thoughts do you have in your life?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Love that the humble notebooks are getting the recognition they deserve! Long live the notebook!

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