World Sweet World, issue #4 available now

World Sweet World issue #4

Issue 4 of World Sweet World is filled with summery goodness: home-brewed ginger beer, a plastic beach bag (made out of ‘plarn’, which stands for plastic and yarn), and foraging for blackberries – what to do with your spoils.

In addition, World Sweet World are launching The Great M.I.Y. Badge Carbon Action Mystery Swap Adventure – a challenge run in collaboration with the Hikurangi Foundation. Sound intriguing? Find out what the current Brownie Badge values are and how to take action on Climate Change.

Johanna Knox looks at Transition Towns around the country and building a strong grassroots green movement in New Zealand. In the spirit of keeping it green, Hannah and Thomas have scouted material at different dump shops to show you how to turn old mantelpieces into bedheads and doors into couches – creative inspiration to make a change. Last not least, Annabel Youens shows you ways to ‘give well’ and responsibly this Christmas.

Since I have this opportunity, I’d like to say congratulations to Hannah and Thomas on their first year of World Sweet World, and thanks, guys, for producing a first rate homegrown magazine. You’ve done an awesome job!

Hannah and Thomas are currently running a readership survey to make sure they’re hitting the mark – if you can spare a few minutes to help them out, they would love to hear your feedback and they’ll put you in the draw to win a World Sweet World subscription. How nice is that?

Order your copy of issue #4 of World Sweet World on Felt.

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