Spiritual bracelets, necklaces and prayer beads combining nature's beautiful natural gemstone beads, wood and bone beads, and the best of man-made crystals from around the world. My bracelets and prayer beads come with information cards explaining the meaning of the gemstone beads and symbols used in their design and making.

12 Step Recovery Bracelet, Charms from Serenity Prayer
Prayer & Meditation Beads, White Howlite
Greenstone Om Bracelet, Yoga Jewellery
Greenstone & Crystal Om Pathway Bracelet
Greenstone (Nephrite Jade) Drop Earrings 14ct Gold
White Howlite & Crystal Bracelet with Lotus Symbol
Rose Pink Pearl Recovery Bracelet / 12 Step Jewelry
Stretch Gemstone Yoga Bracelets, Flower & Heart Symbols
Blue Angelite Bracelet, Brass Cross, Love, Healing
Recovery Bracelet - Customise Bracelet to Your Fellowship or Initials
14ct Gold-Filled Cross Earrings with Crystal
Greenstone Faith Bracelet - Stretch Pathway Bracelet
My Pathway & Yoga bracelets are made to be worn alone or layered. Wearing a bracelet with beads or symbols that are meaningful to you is a gentle reminder to take time out in a busy life to center yourself in a peaceful, healing way.