Friday, 31 October, 2014

Frocktober day 31: Annette JG

We thought we’d finish off Frocktober with a classic maxidress, and this one from Annette JG fits the bill beautifully. Made from a cool flowing cotton, this maxidress has a nice retro nod to the past about it, while also being stylishly up to date.



We reckon some sweet silver jewellery would set this dress off a treat, like this lovely lotus pendant from Make My Day or a set of Pasifica-inspired earrings from Whalebird. Or how about this striking basalt hand-knotted mala from Yoga Pantry, which can be worn as a long beaded necklace or looped for a stand-out substantial bracelet?


Well, that’s it for fabulous Frocktober! We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have. Check out the whole collection on our Pinterest board and remember: keep on rocking those frocks!

Thursday, 30 October, 2014

Frocktober day 30: Viv Tamblyn

Here’s one for the “Fabulous things you can do with merino” files. We love new Felt seller Viv Tamblyn‘s gorgeous close-fitting merino dress with its stunning strappy detailing over the chest and back. Stunning as daywear or for an evening out, we think this frock is a real winner.


The neckline of this dress has enough interest in itself, so we’d pair this up with a statement bracelet. We’ve picked out these gorgeous examples from Kingsway, Velo, Fireworks and Gwyneth Hulse Design, but there are many more beautiful bracelets to chose from in our jewellery pages.

One day to go in Frocktober! Take a peek at our Pinterest board for the collection so far…

Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

Frocktober day 29: Oak Tree Mama

We couldn’t resist showing off another gorgeous frock creation from Oak Tree Mama. Her elegant, simple frocks made from vintage table linens are just beautiful. We love the rather deco look of this one:




We went looking for deco-inspired accessories to match this gorgeous vintage frock, and found these lovely pieces by Aurora, Bellwheel and Odi Design. What would you wear with it?

Two days to go in Frocktober – check out the growing collection on our Pinterest board!

Fresh on Felt

Style and beautiful simplicity headline our fresh new sellers this week. Kick back, relax, put your feet up and have a browse of this small but perfectly formed selection.

designer decor and original art

marshmello – stylish homewares and graphic design
uponawhim – exquisite crochet items with a contemporary twist
hereandthere – funky artworks created from official cartography
kirkysart – stunning artwork featuring mandellas and other lovely designs

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

iwibabe – sweet garments for tamariki, decorated with beauty and mana ake
ateliers – kawaii jewellery and accessories for the young and young at heart


clothing, jewellery and accessories

missmercy – beautiful, original dresses carefully sewn to a high standard
ddjewellery – classy and sophisticated, fun and summery jewellery
emilybop – fashionable and functional cosmetic bags and purses

gifts and goodies

nutmegfae – a tiny world of gorgeous miniatures
ruesavon – lovely artisan cosmetics, free of palm oil and not tested on animals
stitchycat – unique and appealing textile items made from upcycled materials
ericaleather – bright and beautiful 2015 photographic wall calendars


Tuesday, 28 October, 2014

Frocktober day 28: Bella and Zahn

Here’s a fun, fresh summer frock for a youngster from Bella and Zahn. It’s easy to put on with an elasticated neckline, waistline and sleeves and it’s also available in a range of sizes. The bodice is a generous size so when your little one grows too tall to wear it as a dress, it makes a great top paired with shorts or jeans.




This is the perfect dress for an active youngster, so we figured we’d pair it up with some fun accessories for the kid on the go: a great tool belt from Little Peanut for the budding builder, a bow and arrow set from Woodbotherer for a young adventurer and a sunhat from Piccalilli – because Mum said so!




Our fabulous frocks for every frock-rocker just keep coming this month on Felt, so keep checking our Frocktober files and our Pinterest board for more.

Monday, 27 October, 2014

Featured Seller: Rawkos Designs

Lucy of Rawkos Designs is a textile artist known for her vibrant and bold colours and designs, with a strong Aotearoa influence. Her work reflects the strong light and colours of Northland, where she produces her work in a small studio in Parua Bay, Whangarei Heads. She enjoys using native flora, fauna, birds and sea life throughout her designs.

rawkos tui and flax teatowel

What do you make?
Hi, I’m Lucy and I make textile gifts. So far my new range includes teatowels, table runners and cushion covers in several designs and colourways, that are screenprinted layer upon layer to create the final design. Sometimes these include some handpainting to really add to the vibrancy. Harakeke flax and the Nikau palm feature strongly. The teatowels especially are a great gift for local and overseas friends and family. They have a blurb about the design on each package with some interesting facts.

How did you get into your craft?
Textiles, sewing and making has always been my love from a young age. I was always whipping up a skirt or designing a complicated dress (that would challenge my mum’s patience to watch!). Then it moved on to adding some dying, batiking or painting to the clothing for selling at the market. My favourite friend and I used to say we would open a store selling all our own merchandise (I think the store’s name may have even been Rawkos!). Some years later, after some OE travelling, Rawkos was finally started.

rawkos lucy printing

rawkos teatowels

Do you have any formal qualifications in your craft?
I studied architectural draughting after leaving school and later, after travelling, I completed a course at the Te Kowhai Print Trust in screenprinting. This is a fantastic arts centre near the city in Whangarei.

Your favourite materials, tools and processes?
I love all natural fibres, linen and cotton being my favourites. My favourite tools are my print carousel and my rotring pens.

What inspires you?
Nature particularly, but all surroundings, travels, beaches and my children’s great imagination.

Is there a philosophy behind your work?
I would like my children to know that they can still make things! They don’t just come from the shop.

Describe your workspace:
Full of vibrant colours, a bit messy, stuff everywhere but quiet and peaceful.

rawkos press iron

rawkos studio teatowels and runners

Describe your mind:
Graphic, relaxed, busy, satisfied.

What are you currently listening to?
A lovely local singer at Whangarei Heads – Erin Cole-Baker.

Do you have any pets?
We have Blackberry the black cat; Olive, Salt and Sugar the chickens and Vanilla the bunny.

And what’s your favourite feedback from a customer?
Feedback is why I love what I do. Customers love the vibrant happy colours and it’s a pleasure to make these to share.

You can see more of these vibrant, happy New Zealand-inspired designs in Lucy’s beautiful Felt shop here.

Lucy has very kindly offered a prize of one cotton and one linen nikau print tea towel (below) to a lucky Felt blog reader. If you’d like to be in the prize draw, just leave a comment below telling us what inspires you about Rawkos Designs and Lucy’s story. The draw will be made on Friday 7 November and is open to New Zealand residents only.

rawkos puka leaf table runner

Frocktober day 27: Delilah Mae

Here’s a sweet frock for lovers of shabby chic elegance. This refashioned dress from Delilah Mae has a comfortable sleeveless blush pink knit top and a split vintage lace skirt with just a touch of fullness. The lace sits over a matching knit underskirt with a muslin frill. A wee fabric rose, hand-stitched to the waist, completes the look beautifully.


A denim jacket looks great with this dress, so we went looking for some other similar accessories. Delilah Mae has the very jacket from the image above listed in her shop, and we thought this gorgeous wee broach from 22 was a perfect match. And for indoors, some lovely light slippers from Houseshoes would be just the thing!

Our womenswear, jewellery and accessories pages are full of perfect matches for our Frocktober stars. Go on, have a browse!

Sunday, 26 October, 2014

Frocktober day 26: My Best Dress

This exquisite taffeta frock for a youngster from My Best Dress has a fitted bodice with comfortable straps and full, flowing skirt. It’s an ideal summer dress for a flower girl, bridesmaid or for any other special occasion. The organza overskirt is optional but we think it adds a really lovely touch.



We love the idea of pairing this frock with a floral garland, like the lovely ones from Miss Wild Flower. We also thought a fancy clutch purse would complete this beautifully – how about one of Amber and Wood‘s unique bijoux pieces?



We have frocks for everyone here on Felt this Frocktober, for everyday or for really special occasions. Have a look at the stunning range we’ve found over on our Pinterest board!

Saturday, 25 October, 2014

Frocktober day 25: Miss Mercy

We’ve just spotted this beautifully draped Secret Garden shift dress from brand-new Felt seller Miss Mercy. We love the drape and the slight fishtail drop at the back, and the contrast black sash sets off the light, delicate botanical print perfectly.



There’s a range of lovely colours to highlight here, so we picked out a trio of three gorgeous jewellery pieces from Whiteleaf, Ngaio Rue and Tangelo Tree to illustrate just some of the ways you could add accents to this gorgeous frock. What do you think?




Frocktober is rocking on here at Felt, so stay tuned for more gorgeous frocks!

Friday, 24 October, 2014

Hello Halloween!

Boo! Halloween’s just around the corner, so we’re taking inspiration from a fabulous Pinterest Board put together by Felt fan Kerri Du Pont. For your education (and survival chances), please pay attention as we present a crafty girls’ guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse…

1. First, you’ll need a record of your schemes.

Oh don’t pretend. You’re a crafty girl, but you’re just brimming with diabolical schemes and mad plans! Something about the apocalypse brings this out in a person. Even so, it’s good to have somewhere to write them down. And things being as they are, there’s a better-than-average chance you’ll need to set a few of those plans in motion. You might need a good, reliable bag to keep these safe, though…


2. …so here’s a bag to keep it in.

The ultimate in practical AND apocalypse noir, this bag will see you through the hard times with a touch of style.


3. But if you’re barricaded in your home rather than on the run

…let’s face it, you’re going to need some coffee. You can’t fall asleep when it’s your turn on zombie watch. Phil of Beans somehow made it through the dark days with you, so make sure you keep in touch and have something to barter for these essential battle-worthy beans.


4. Don’t forget to keep up appearances

Does Doomsday -have- to be doom and gloom? Cheer up the neighbourhood and whip up a batch of mud meringues to share around the campfire! In your bright and gorgeous polkadots you’ll be the happy huttmaker that ALL the camp forces will want to protect!


5. …and hygiene!

What with all that fighting and running and crawling under rocks to hide, the Apocalypse is going to be smelly. We have a few suggestions for that. These little beauties will be good for hiding in nooks and crannies to keep things fresh. Your non-zombie guests will be impressed with your fragrant hospitality! Your zombie interlopers will be repelled by the sweet aromas and steer well clear. Win-win!


6. Because it might just save your (love) life.

Also in the ‘There’s no need for a smelly apocalypse’ category, these gorgeous soaps will make your weekly shower a treat and help keep the rats, bugs and (dare we hope?) mozzies at bay. That cute dumpster diver in the next tent over is sure to find you the most alluring babe in the camp! Use sparingly.


Have a great (and hopefully zombie-free) Halloween everyone! To see all of Kerri’s brilliant guide, check out her Pinterest board here.