Sunday, 26 October, 2014

Frocktober day 26: My Best Dress

This exquisite taffeta frock for a youngster from My Best Dress has a fitted bodice with comfortable straps and full, flowing skirt. It’s an ideal summer dress for a flower girl, bridesmaid or for any other special occasion. The organza overskirt is optional but we think it adds a really lovely touch.



We love the idea of pairing this frock with a floral garland, like the lovely ones from Miss Wild Flower. We also thought a fancy clutch purse would complete this beautifully – how about one of Amber and Wood‘s unique bijoux pieces?



We have frocks for everyone here on Felt this Frocktober, for everyday or for really special occasions. Have a look at the stunning range we’ve found over on our Pinterest board!

Saturday, 25 October, 2014

Frocktober day 25: Miss Mercy

We’ve just spotted this beautifully draped Secret Garden shift dress from brand-new Felt seller Miss Mercy. We love the drape and the slight fishtail drop at the back, and the contrast black sash sets off the light, delicate botanical print perfectly.



There’s a range of lovely colours to highlight here, so we picked out a trio of three gorgeous jewellery pieces from Whiteleaf, Ngaio Rue and Tangelo Tree to illustrate just some of the ways you could add accents to this gorgeous frock. What do you think?




Frocktober is rocking on here at Felt, so stay tuned for more gorgeous frocks!

Friday, 24 October, 2014

Hello Halloween!

Boo! Halloween’s just around the corner, so we’re taking inspiration from a fabulous Pinterest Board put together by Felt fan Kerri Du Pont. For your education (and survival chances), please pay attention as we present a crafty girls’ guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse…

1. First, you’ll need a record of your schemes.

Oh don’t pretend. You’re a crafty girl, but you’re just brimming with diabolical schemes and mad plans! Something about the apocalypse brings this out in a person. Even so, it’s good to have somewhere to write them down. And things being as they are, there’s a better-than-average chance you’ll need to set a few of those plans in motion. You might need a good, reliable bag to keep these safe, though…


2. …so here’s a bag to keep it in.

The ultimate in practical AND apocalypse noir, this bag will see you through the hard times with a touch of style.


3. But if you’re barricaded in your home rather than on the run

…let’s face it, you’re going to need some coffee. You can’t fall asleep when it’s your turn on zombie watch. Phil of Beans somehow made it through the dark days with you, so make sure you keep in touch and have something to barter for these essential battle-worthy beans.


4. Don’t forget to keep up appearances

Does Doomsday -have- to be doom and gloom? Cheer up the neighbourhood and whip up a batch of mud meringues to share around the campfire! In your bright and gorgeous polkadots you’ll be the happy huttmaker that ALL the camp forces will want to protect!


5. …and hygiene!

What with all that fighting and running and crawling under rocks to hide, the Apocalypse is going to be smelly. We have a few suggestions for that. These little beauties will be good for hiding in nooks and crannies to keep things fresh. Your non-zombie guests will be impressed with your fragrant hospitality! Your zombie interlopers will be repelled by the sweet aromas and steer well clear. Win-win!


6. Because it might just save your (love) life.

Also in the ‘There’s no need for a smelly apocalypse’ category, these gorgeous soaps will make your weekly shower a treat and help keep the rats, bugs and (dare we hope?) mozzies at bay. That cute dumpster diver in the next tent over is sure to find you the most alluring babe in the camp! Use sparingly.


Have a great (and hopefully zombie-free) Halloween everyone! To see all of Kerri’s brilliant guide, check out her Pinterest board here.


Frocktober day 24: Pretty Kiwi

Aren’t these great little Kiwiana frocks from Pretty Kiwi clever creations? Bright and colourful, they’re backed with a navy 100% cotton stretch knit, and are available in a variety of sizes and designs.



These dresses made us think of summer days at the bach, so we thought we’d go with a beach theme to accessorise these sweeties – how about a marine-style pendant from BeachglassNZ or Ingrained?

We’re so excited about all the delightful dresses we’re discovering this Frocktober, so stay with us as we bring out the last week of frocks – and make sure you check out how lovely our Frocktober Pinterest board is looking!


Thursday, 23 October, 2014

The owl and the pussycat

The owl and the pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat…



Go adventuring for all the fabulous felines and orsome owls (sorry, couldn’t resist!) inhabiting our listings – we love them!


Frocktober day 23: The Frock Closet

Here’s another exquisite piece from that mistress of gorgeous frocks, The Frock Closet. We saw this one and it immediately brought Audrey Hepburn to mind, with it’s chic retro style. This cotton tea-length dress with silk and tulle accents is handmade from a genuine 1950s pattern and is a beautiful, feminine step back in time.


We’re seeing pearls with all this vintage elegance, and thought that this period piece necklace from Labella Designs and these delicate earrings from Wendi Lindsay would work a treat. Or how about this gorgeous statement pendant from Bobbie Pene for a splash of colour?




We’re all about celebrating the frock this Frocktober here on Felt, and we couldn’t be happier with all the gorgeous frocks our clever makers have on offer. Check out our Pinterest board for all the fun!

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014

Fresh on Felt

So much spring colour and fun this week – it really feels like the warmer weather has arrived with this flourishing bunch of fresh new sellers. Enjoy!

designer decor and original art

afterdinner – appealing and humorous prints
acorncottage – classic cottage-style cushion covers
polli-prints – lovely fresh prints for a child’s room or your lounge

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

minipoppins – practical reversible cotton tunics for wee ones
whetuknits – sweet knitted baby clothes and toys
fun_kiture – unique, playful and colourful baby gear bags
fiveplus5 – quality dolls and softies with personality
alittlelovely – whimsical, colourful bunting for little ones


clothing, jewellery and accessories

zapdesignz – unique and striking pieces of rock jewellery
kezdesign  – bright and funky oilcloth bags
rangicrafts – gorgeous, light and stylish knitted scarves

gifts and goodies

renata – crochet amigurumi inspired by all things cute and strange
roserouge – exquisitely crafted New Zealand gifts
pspillowcase – gorgeous pillowcases, cushion covers and toys
angelasaprons – stylish and practical one-of-a-kind aprons
fleursdumal – beautiful botanical scents


Frocktober day 22: Piccalilli

Here’s a lovely wee frock from the fabulous childrenswear designer Piccalilli, new for spring 2014. The Audrey Dress is a limited edition piece that features a beautiful Peter Pan collar, fully lined bodice and is finished with a matching hand-covered button closure. It’s a contemporary classic that is sure to become a favourite.


We found a couple of lovely hair accessories from Milk and Honey and Sew Lou-Lou to compliment this gorgeous dress – how sweet are these?



Remember, no matter how many years you can count, keep on Frocking with us this Frocktober, because we’ve got a frock for you!

Tuesday, 21 October, 2014

Frocktober day 21: AsQ Design

Here’s another lovely piece from summer frock expert AsQ Design. It’s easy being green in this sweet little retro/rockabilly green floral number with crisp white accents. Its four large pleats in the skirt give it a wonderful fullness to make you want to dance, and its lightweight cotton fabric will keep you cool while you do!


Just the thing for this dress would be a lovely lightweight wrap for a bit of added warmth on cool evenings. We thought this white cotton lacy shawl from JacBer Creations would be just the thing. And how about this sweet beaded green apple pendant from BaldMoose for a bit of sparkle?



Our frock makers (and our jewellery and accessory creators!) do us proud here on Felt. Stay with us as we keep spotting the Frocks for Frocktober and don’t forget to check the whole lot on our Frocktober Pinterest board.

Monday, 20 October, 2014

Haumoana Market Day

The one and only Haumoana Market Day is coming up once again, on Sunday 2 November in Memorial Park, Haumoana. Haumoana Market Day is one of the biggest family events in the Hawke’s Bay calendar, with a great range of stalls including art and crafts, clothing and unique gifts.

Sample the yummy food on offer, chill to live music and enjoy the entertainment. All money raised on the day goes directly to benefit the kids of Haumoana School – how cool is that? The market runs from 10am – 3pm so make a day of it!